I’ve known Joe Matarese for 15 years now and I’ve always thought highly of his ability as a comedian. He has that rare gift of being able to appeal to almost everyone without being hacky or unoriginal. You instantly like him and he uses that not as a way to desperately please the audience, but as way to be edgier and smarter. All this combined with a fantastic bone structure makes him a perfect person to teach the art of standup comedy. We do the road a lot together, and I really hope it’s Joe who finds me dead in a shitty hotel room.

Artie Lange – comedian, best selling author, actor.

Of all my peers teaching stand up, Joe Matarese is the one I recommend the most. Joe has a master’s understanding of all aspects of stand up and the stand up world. He knows the craft and has lived it, but most importantly Joe has the ability to communicate good advice to beginners as well as seasoned professionals.

Jim Gaffigan – The Late Show with David Letterman, two 1-hour Comedy Central Specials: Beyond The Pale and King Baby.

Joe is one of the most professional and versatile comics working in the business. He also has that rare ability to be a crowd-pleaser without compromising his comedic sensibilities. He has a knack for seeing the comedy in real life situations and has helped me and many working comics I know improve their acts by stripping away the fat and getting to the funny. If I wanted to ruin my life by pursuing standup comedy again, I would study with him.

John Veiner –Staff writer for The Family Guy.

If you’re interested in learning about how to become a standup comedian, you cannot do any better than Joe Matarese. Joe’s not only a hilarious comedian with over fifteen years of experience and numerous television credits, but he genuinely loves comedy and knows how to analyze and break it down. Being able to learn standup from a successful, working comic is invaluable and Joe is about as good as it gets.

Ted Alexandro – The Late Show with David Letterman, and 2 Comedy Central Half Hour Specials.

I would totally take a standup class from Joe- he’s a funny comic, a great writer and, most important for a coach, he’s not going to try and feel you up.

Laurie Kilmartin – Writer for Conan on TBS,  Tough Crowd, Last Comic Standing Finalist

As a stand-up comedian, Joe has made it to the top of his profession and has the national TV credits to prove it. But as successful as Joe has been with his own act, he has the remarkable ability to look at another person’s act/life and steer them in the right direction. Joe’s experience and honesty make him a great teacher of stand-up comedy.

Juston McKinney -The Tonight Show, Comedy Central Half Hour Special, Blue Collar Next Generation.

Five years ago I attended a comedy seminar taught by Joe Matarese after I had already been in comedy for nearly two years. I was skeptical that a “class” could make me funnier as I had always believed comedy is something you’re born with. I still believe this, but after taking Joe’s class, I realized that some of our god given gifts need outside influence in order to manifest themselves to their fullest. 

Joe not only teaches the basics of joke writing, stage presence, and timing but he goes deeper. He cares about his students and challenges them to find the comedy within their own lives. We all have the crazy aunt or the job we hate; Joe’s class teaches you to mine your own life for the comedic gold that is there. I took his seminar five years ago and I still use the jokes he helped me craft and the lessons he taught me about the “business of comedy”. 

There is more to stand-up than just being funny. There is a path to doing it right especially for those who want it to be their profession. Joe’s been there and done it. He’s sold television shows, and performed at The Apollo, Carnegie Hall, MTV, Comedy Central, Bravo & Letterman. The truth is you can take a lot of comedy classes, but I seriously doubt they are being taught by comedians who are of the same caliber as Joe Matarese. This guy is still one of the best in the business and he is at the top of his game. If you don’t believe me, ask any comic in the business.

So you may ask: “Why would a guy that just did all I mentioned above want to teach a class of beginners?” One reason: He cares and he likes to nurture others in their creative development.

Ray Combs Jr. – comedian

I started doing stand up comedy when I was 20 years old and it became my life. Joe Matarese saw me on stage at 21 years old, noticed my potential and gave me some tips on things he noticed that could possibly make my act better. My next time on stage I tried his tips and they worked. Over the next couple of weeks, I found out Joe was teaching a class on stand up comedy and I did not hesitate to join.

Since then I have opened for Mariah Carey, I tour around the nation doing stand up, my comedy is featured on Sirius Satellite Radio, and I am a regular at many clubs in New York City and Los Angeles. Without Joe’s knowledge and guidance, those things would not be a possibility. Joe’s class offered not just a tutorial on the structure of a joke and how to present yourself on stage, it also offered a perspective on where your comedic voice should come from. This alone has been invaluable to me over the years. I believe anyone can benefit from this experience, from the young, gung ho stand up comic hopeful, to the person that has always wanted to try stand up.

Josh Accardo – comedian, actor, and writer