Gibran Saleem


Gotham Comedy Live


Hi, my name is Gibran.

I’m named after a Lebanese poet, my Mom’s favorite poet. I like my mom, sometimes. She’d tell me to edit that, but I’m not too concerned with grammar. As long as the point gets across, “the meaning of the communication is the response it elicits.” I don’t know who said that, but I collect quotes in a word document on my laptop called “quotes.” The quotes range from optimism to cynicism to contemplative silliness. I also range from optimism to cynicism to contemplative silliness. Optimism in myself and others, cynicism in the simple happy thoughts lost when we lose touch with our inner youth. As for the contemplative silliness, I’m still thinking about it.
One of my favorite quotes is by Salvidor Dali, “Everything alter’s me, but nothing changes me.” It’s one of my favorite quotes for two reasons. One, Salvador Dali is one of my favorite artists. His perspective embraces a magical reality that makes one consider the world beyond the limited scope of everyday events and interactions. Two, because I believe that at the core we are all powerful individuals with equally robust personalities. It’s just that we are affected by certain things over time. Somethings for better, somethings for worse. It is how we let these things alter us that make us who we are.

Beyond all the veneers and shields we have developed overtime we are all still the same silly little children; running with tiny bodies and giant heads falling all over the place. We’ve just figured out ways to cushion the fall. But we’re still the same, we’re still falling all over the place.

I used to write poetry at one point. But I fell. I’ve found other ways to channel out those emotions. Sometimes those emotions turn to laughter. Sometimes not. It doesn’t matter as long as there’s growth. I don’t want to be the old me. I don’t want to be the new me, or the current me. I just want to be the best me. I want to maximize my potential. And in turn maybe it will help other’s maximize their own. Maybe not, but still, it something’s to work towards.

Hi, My name is Gibran. Nice to meet you.