Chris Gethard


The Chris Gethard Show, Comedy Central Half Hour, Conan on TBS, Late Night With Seth Meyers


Chris Gethard is a comedian. He’s been doing stuff in New York City for about fifteen years now. Occasionally he pokes his head into some mainstream stuff - maybe you’ve seen him do small parts on shows like The Office, Parks and Recreation, Broad City, and Louie. He’s also been in movies like The Other Guys and The Heat. He also once had a sitcom on Comedy Central that he was the star of that got canceled very quickly.

He also likes doing a lot of stuff that’s smaller scale and more on his terms and stays a little bit in the underground. For example, he does a ton of stand up and tours all over. And he wrote a book. And put out an album on Don Giovanni Records, which is one of his all time favorite music labels ever.

He is also the host and creator of THE CHRIS GETHARD SHOW, which is his pride and joy. It’s a public access television show that airs live every Wednesday night and that gets pretty out of the box. It’s heartfelt and at times strange and at times very funny and it features good guests and very great bands. Every Wednesday Chris hangs out with some of his best friends and they take calls from sad kids all over the world and dance like idiots and just have a good time.

Every once in a while Chris will do a weird project aimed at being amongst people, like the time he walked across the country crashing on the floors of his fans (and also strangers who were confused by him) or how he sometimes organizes stand up shows that take place in peoples’ actual homes.

Basically, Chris is a guy who tries to be funny and driven and do things his own way. He sort of has a chip on his shoulder and for a generally quiet nerdy guy can sometimes have a feeling of semi-self-righteous anger driving his work. It’s all good.